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Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Download Insights/ Gateway/Ticket Phrasal verbs

Download Insights/ Gateway/Ticket Phrasal verbs

Phrasal Verbs in Insights

(Via receptive practice  ex p:24)
Get through to sb (communicate with); get through (pass) ; go through( read carefully) ; pull through ( recover/survive); look through ( repeat)
Via receptive practice ex p: 57-58)
Go up                                         finish up
Bump up                                     fade away
Cheer up                                      die out
Go down                                       ease off                     
Turn down                                   look ahead
Liven up                                       look forward to
Put sb down                                  date to
Calm down                                    leave behind
Tone down                                     look back
Look up

Come along                               fall behind
Sail through                               keep on
Join in                                        get into
Work around                              put aside
Laugh off                                    get together
Rally together                             pair up
Put across                                   get through
Come over                                  pass between
(Via receptive practice ex p:76 Review)
Come down                                  keep on
Date back                                      fade away

(Via receptive practice ex p;120)
St up (a blog)
Via receptive practice Grammar summary pp:165-166)
Go up (for prices)                      drink up
Come down (prices)                   calm down
Cheer up                                      fade away
Date back to                                 get along  with
Come along (preparation for exam)                 keep on
Lag behind                                     laugh off
Brush aside                                     join in
Get into (training)
NB. No list is provided in the index  

  Phrasal Verbs in Gateway2

(Via receptive practice ex B p:41; C&D p:42)
Stay out                                   lock in
Let in                                       log out
Fill in                                       hand in
Put out                                      pull out
Take sb out                               ask sb in
Pass out
Ex C
Start out                                      let out
Watch out                                   find out
Come out                                    sneak out of

Ex D
Let out                                       check in
Hand in                                       come out
Knock out
(Via Grammatical summary p:46)
Take off (clothes)                       get off
(Via receptive practice ex E p: 60 )
Lock in                       put down
Take off                      cool down
(Via receptive practice   p: 139- 140)
Pull down                        set up
Turn down                        speak up
Speed up                           eat up

Bring up                                   hold up
Break down                              show up
Make up                                    turn down
Ex E p:140
Bring up                                     cheer up
Calm down                                 give up
Go up (prices)                             build up (body)
(Via receptive practice  ex B p:144 Review)
Speed up                                cheer up
Break down                            go down (prices)
Build up (body)
(NB. No list is provided in the appendix)      

  Phrasal Verbs in Ticket 2

(Via receptive practice  ex 2 p:88)

Apply for                                      turn down
Fill in                                            find out
Pick up                                           look forward to
Ex 4 p:88
Hand out                                      put up with
Long for                                       jot down
Dress up                                       write down
Look up                                        dine out
Hand in

(Via receptive practice ex 5 p:89)

Drop in                                    eat out
Run into                                  find out
Take care of                             cut down on
Keep up with                           bring up
Back up                                   do over

(Via receptive practice matchin ex 6  p: 89)

Look for                                    come across
Set up                                         bring up
Check in                                    pick up
Take off (plane)                        cut down
Carry on                                    take up
(Via receptive practice MC ex 7 p:89)
Bring about                                        go through
Put sb up                                             put off
Check in

(Via receptive practice ; Grammar reference p:169)
Take off  (clothes)

(Via receptive practice : Explanation in Phrasal verbs list p: 170)

Back up                                            break up
Bring up                                            care for
Check in                                             come across
Eat out                                                fill in
Find out                                               hand in
Hand out                                              look for
Look forward to                                   look up
Make up                                                pick up
Put up with                                           set up
Sort out                                                 take off
Turn down                                             watch out for    

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